"Our kids were entertained the whole time. Awesome games, the referees were great, and the field was really cool. Thanks LZX!"

B.W. in Glendora


Learn How to Play Before We Arrive


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Playing Rules

  • Players must hold onto the handset with two hands in front of player at all times

  • Bunkers are to hide behind only

  • No shaking, swinging, or thrusting the handset

  • No abandoning the handset

  • No physical contact

  • No chasing players

  • No charging at players

  • No going out of bounds

  • No hiding the sensors with hand


  • Forward Movement: Players must always move foward. No walking/running backwards

  • Closed/Open Field: For a portion of the round a team cannot cross the field's midpoint.

  • Bunker Distance: If a bunker is occupied by an opponent. The player must remain one bunker away



A breaking of any of these can result in the player being penatlized or dimissed from the round. Safety is our primary concern