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Convenient Laundry Service 

How does it work?

1. Fill out the "Request Service Form" to set up a pick up

2. We arrive for pickup

3. Fill our laundry bags (Pay Per Bag)

4. We transport your laundry to our wash facility.

5. We wash, dry, and fold your laundry

6. We drop off your laundry

7. Done!

Service Request Form
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Our Honesty Guarantee

Did you forget something in those pockets you forgot to check? Don't stress, if anything is found while processing your service request, we will bag it and return it with your clean laundry. As a safety measure to ensure there's no damage is done to laundry and machines we do check pockets prior to inserting laundry into the machines. 


Though we do this as a courtesy. We are not/can not be held responsible for lost/forgotten items. 


We offer our service at easy and affordable pricing. The price includes pick up & drop off, wash, dry, and folding. You pay per bag used, we will bring the bags.

Bags are 28"x 40".


About LZX Wash

LZX Wash has been providing professional  commercial laundry service since 2016. Our goal is promptness, quality, and professionalism.


Don't feel like doing laundry or going to the laundromat?

Let LZX Wash handle your dirty laundry.